Winning At the Digital Communication Awards

Helsinki, October 11, 2017

RFSU, Cocoa and Miltton bags the winning trophy in the oh so current Online Video Category at the Digital Communication Awards in Berlin.

In lack for better words, we’d like to site the jury:

Introducing the sexiest country in Europe: Finland. What started as a study into Finnish sexual culture and national psyche, soon turned into condom PR. The campaign film gained a million views before any paid promotion, and was covered by almost all main media in the nation. When you see the nation’s favorite weatherman blow condom balloons on live television, you know your campaign is a turn-on.

A big thanks to the team!

Muoti kuuluu kaikille

Helsinki, June 24, 2017

Ever seen a real size whale on wheels, driven by kids in the middle of a desert? Neither had we.

In this commercial for Prisma kid’s fashion we decided to find out how that might work and look – as it turns out, pretty damn good.

Let’s hit the dunes!

HG5A1114 HG5A1177 HG5A1472

Photos by Ansse Rastivo.


“Lick-hiker’s guide to inner strength” wins Bronze Lion

Helsinki, June 21, 2017


We are very happy to announce that the “Lick-hiker’s guide to inner strength” for Valio Gefilus, created together with hasan & partners, has won a Bronze Lion in the entertainment category in Cannes.

In the 22 minute long documentary British traveller Ian Wright hits the streets of Europe to inspect the bacteria levels of some of the dirtiest places he could muster to… well, the title of the documentary should give you a hint.

Tom Hakala, following a script by JP Siili, directed the documentary. Pauliina Teirikari did the marvelous job of producing this adventurous journey through Europe. Special props goes to Ian Wright, for being a true sport and a great chap through and through.


Client: Valio Gefilus
Agency: hasan & partners
Director: Tom Hakala
Script: JP Siili
Producer: Pauliina Teirikari

DOP: Tom Hakala / Anton Tevajärvi
Editing + Sound: Janne Kilpeläinen
Animation: Janne Ahvenlampi / Hanna Kartano, Joni Kuusisto, Teemu Berglund
Sound mixing: Markku Mäkelä

Animation and Light show

Helsinki, February 24, 2017

We love sound, animation and light – especially when mixing them together and shown live to a large number of people.

This animation and light show was created for the unveiling of the new shopping mall in East of Helsinki – EASTON.

The announcement was a live event and presented across 6 giant individual screens.

The concept of the animation draws inspiration from the story of the logotype, creating some dazzling motion graphics with equal parts light show.

Director Juho Konstig steps on board

Helsinki, November 22, 2016

Be it comedy or drama, Juho is known for his extensive and successful work in advertising, earning him a reputation as a visually rich storyteller with a focus on emotional qualities. Secondly, he’s known for being a very nice guy and, last but not least, he’s the best director in the world – according to his mom.

–       We are so happy to have Juho on board. As a person he fits in seamlessly while his natural talent as a director, combined with a distinctive hunger for storytelling, is something we value greatly, says Anton Molander, Managing Director of Cocoa.

At Cocoa, Juho will strengthen the existing roster of in-house directors while utilizing his experiences and know-how in storytelling and scripting for the benefit of brands and agencies.

–       Most people don’t know this, but I did my first projects with Cocoa back in 2005 (before the company was even incorporated) together with Taito Kawata, a childhood friend of mine. We even made a feature film in one weekend. It was a real masterpiece of sh*t, but making it was good fun though. Now, after many years, we are sitting on the same sofa again which I´m really excited about. Also, the fact that Cocoa works seamlessly with moving image, animation and sound, enables me to get the most out of my own visions, Juho Konstig says about choosing Cocoa.

Previously Juho has founded the award winning production company Pablo Films and most recently he served as the Creative Director and head of scripted entertainment at Endemol Shine Finland.

That successful work in advertising mentioned earlier? Checkout

Discovering America w/ Starter, Danskin, Zoo York, Cheetah, Laguna Originals

Helsinki, October 10, 2016

Launching the brands Starter, Danskin, Zoo York, Cheetah and Laguna Originals for Prisma, took us to New York together with four amazing brand ambassadors.

We hit the streets, studios hills and woods of NY together with skateboarder Kasperi Kropsu, dancer Yasmin Janatuinen, artist Roope Salminen and photographer Konsta Linkola.

Props go to Prisma, Sherpa and everybody else who helped out. Twas a good trip!


Client: SOK / Lauri Toivonen
Agency: Sherpa / Pauli Waroma, Ville Koivisto
Creative Director: Ansse Rastivo
Production Company: Cocoa
Director: Taito Kawata
Producer: Pauliina Teirikari
Dp: Kim Koponen
Music: “Kids in America” by Marked Man (Cocoa Music), Mikko Pykäri, Karo Broman, Noah Kin (Cocoa Music)
Warner: Roope Alfthan

L’Oréal Men Expert

Helsinki, April 25, 2016

Experience backflips and big drops with X-Games and Olympic freestyle skier AJ Kemppainen in L’Oreal Men Expert’s “Beat the Mountain 360°” film

For the launch of Hydra Power, a new skin care series, we teamed up with X-Games and Olympic freestyle skier AJ Kemppainen, L’Oréal Men Expert and Ottoboni Sweden to create a digital campaign with a 360° experience at the heart.

During its first month after launch, the video has gathered over 2 million views on Youtube and Facebook, whilst being the most engaging campaign ever on Facebook for Danish L’Oréal Paris.

Ever wondered how a backflip feels? Experience the thrill below:

Got intrigued? Jump behind the scenes to find out how this epic 360° film was produced.

Client: L’Oréal
Brand: L’Oréal Paris, Men Expert
Agency: Ottoboni, Lead creative Emil Jonsson
Production company: Cocoa
Post Production: Cocoa
Skier: AJ Kemppainen
Producer: Charlotte Westerlund
Technical Director: Dermot Gallagher
Director: Anton Tevajärvi

New Work by:

Helsinki, April 25, 2016

Director, gentleman and father Markus Lehmusruusu has been busy at work.  Along with successful long projects he has been wrapping up a lot of ads lately.

It’s always a pleasure to work with this bright and fun chap, mustache and all.

To find out more, you guessed it, click on the link below:

Production company of the year

Helsinki, March 11, 2016

We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded as the Production Company of the Year at the annual Voitto-gaala.

This award goes out to all our clients and all the wonderful people and companies around us. It is a pleasure to work with you. Thank you!


Ronya releases long awaited album

Helsinki, October 29, 2015

Roughly a three-year wait is over.

The lovely and talented singer-songwriter Ronya releases her second long play dubbed ”Tides” through Cocoa Music.

The 12 track album has already gained radio love in Finland with the songs “Work harder”, “Great Escape” and “GTFO”. All the lyrics are written by Ronya, a.k.a Ronja Gullichsen herself. Producers include names such as Timo Kaukolampi (K-X-P, Annie), Koobra, Femme En Fourrure and Marked Man.

Be sure not to miss Ronya’s release gig at Tavastia 12.11.2015.

The album is released digitally only.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes


1. Intro (Come Over Here) / prod. Timo Kaukolampi
2. Je Ne Regrette / prod. Marked Man
3. Spell / prod. Koobra
4. On The Run / prod. Marked Man
5. Great Escape / prod. Koobra
6. GTFO / prod. Koobra & Erconomics
7. Wanted / prod. Koobra
8. Night and Day / prod. Femme En Fourrure
9. Extra Mile / prod. Koobra
10. Bacall&Bogart / prod. Koobra
11. Flame / prod. Tuomas Soppela
12. Work Harder / prod. Marked Man

Additional info:

Cocoa Music /